Fishing Scotts Flat-February 14, 2016

Scotts Flat Fishing Report

By James “Big Ed” Everhart

Date…..February 14th, 2016
Water Temp…..47
Water Clarity…..Clear-Murky
Air Temp…..68-72
Wind…..10 to 0
Well the bite is very slow right now and I don’t just mean the number of bites, if you want to get bit you need to go slow! Winter still has  firm grasp on us ,even thought last few days fave been warm the cold water is effecting the fishing in a negative fashion. One of the truly positive effects this rain laden winter has brought us are lakes filling to capacity.  There are several small water flow inlets around the lake, fish are using them as feeding holes. We launched from the highway 20 side of the lake and then went right to the dam area. Started out fishing Huddleston 68 specials and drop shots in twenty to thirty feet of water, unfortunately there were no takers. We moved to the Cascade shores quaIMG_0306rry area and again started fishing 68 specials, drop shots and also incorporated the IMA Flit. By fishing the rocky area around the quarry I was hoping we would catch some smallmouth bass, all that actually happened was that I broke one fish off and Tina missed a bite on a drop shot. As we worked towards the the cascade shores launch ramp we found a creek flowing, cast in and hooked up a small largemouth. We started fishing the area in a more deliberate way hoping to find a few more fish using the area. With no other hook ups I decided to drive up towards the river, looking for small inlets we found two, got two fish. Now our pattern was set. Drag drop shotted worms in the Warmouth color around incoming water as slow as you possibly can. Try from 6 to 11 feet deep and don’t shake the worm at all. Good Luck out there.

See you on the water


Big Ed