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Here is a short report I just wrote about one of my favorite fishing techniques, Topwater.

Collins Lake Conditions Water Temp: 49-51  Water Clarity: Clear 12’+ Air Temp: 42-64 Wind: Slight breeze Clear skies Collins Lake Trip Took A trip to Collins Lake Sunday 2/23/20. Had the Champion out for the day, mind you it has no big motor and no electronics. Used the trolling motor all day.  The goal for […]

Clearlake Conditions: Clear sky’s with a North wind Air Temp: 38-58 Water Temp:48-50 Clarity 3-5 feet Wind 10-15+ Clearlake Practice Headed to Clearlake on Friday January 31st launched from redbud. We started fishing the mouth of Cache creek, throwing swimbaits and A-rigs worked our way back into the first cove but had no success. Then […]

Shasta Lake Bass fishing Wild West Teams 2020 Conditions Weather Pre-fish/Tournament Cloudy/ Cloudy light rain early Air temp: 46/37 Wind: 2-5mph/5-12 Water Clarity: Clear/Clear Water Temp: 51-53/50-52 Pre-fish: Saturday/Sunday 4th & 5th of January My partner and I arrived at the lake and launched from Bridge Bay around 10am Ready for some Shasta Lake bass […]

This past weekend Ron Howe and I fished the inaugural California Swimbait Challenge on New Melones lake. The first word that comes to mind is “Tough”! Swimbaits in November are normally a staple but this year has been quite a bit different. The high heat and dry weather has made for a tough bite. Normally […]

Water Clarity: Clear Water Temp: 62-64 Wind: 2-10mph Air temp: 75-85   I fished the North Valley Tackle Open this past weekend. I had pre-fished for it the Friday before and the Friday before that and can tell you the fishing is off the hook at Oroville right now. Practice Day one I fished the […]

November 5, 2018                               The First Tournament Tournament day like any other day starts by waking up. Some days you never slept so waking up is just a fantasy.  Your first tournament can bring you this sleepless, restless and anticipating evening. […]

Water temp….62 Air temp….56-80 Water Clarity….Crystal clear Clear sky’s Wind…. 1-3 mph   It’s just another beautiful Northern California fall day 56 degree morning and a 80 degree afternoon. Just a breath of air on the water, enough to make it cold on your wet hands. Soon the breeze dies and the water goes flat […]

October 17, 2018                         River2Sea Open/Clearlake                                                A tale of two lakes  This past weekend October 13-14, 2018 was the River2Sea Open […]

James Everhart September 30, 2018         Catching Bass during the season of change Fall brings a slow drop in temperature, shortening of the days and the removal of the masses from the waterways. Hunters can’t wait for this time of year, it rings a bell inside of them, it signals great times […]