High Dollar Fishing Rod or Not?

What Fishing Rod do you really need?

By James”Big Ed” Everhart

When I first started tournament angling the difference between a quality fishing rod and a low end fishing rod was easily noticeable. Weight, strength, sensitivity and price all contributed to the ease of knowing high end from low end but today’s rod manufacturers aren’t playing around.  The new generation of rods have leveled the playing field.

I own most of the major brands of rods. In the past G-Loomis was the high dollar rod I invested in, due to its sensitivity, weight and strength. Price was the part of the equation that was hard to swallow. I’m not saying I don’t invest in expensive rods, however a couple different attributes come to mind. Price point has become a major concern, along with warranty. That doesn’t mean quality takes a hit, Manufacturers such as Dobyns rods, Phenix Rods (who by the way  both make a tremendous rods) make a couple different rods with price points starting in the low hundreds all the way to the high three hundreds. Their Rod selection however starts at high quality and ends at extreme high quality. These rods are some of the best on the market and when I need a rod that is sensitive, light and strong there were I turn first.

I was recently blown away by a new rod “Abu Garcia’s VERITAS”. The new trend in rods is color, this one is white. A better eye grabber than the color is the price 99.99 for any VERITAS rod. After using the VERITAS all day landing some decent size fish, three plus pounders it definitely was worth the price this 7 foot medium rod whipped my crankbait a mile and landed the fish every time. Enough give to keep the trebles engaged and enough backbone to lead those lunkers to the net. Warranty is decent three-year limited, sensitivity: good, strength: good weight: good. Here’s the deal with a crankbait rod I don’t need all the benefits you get with a high dollar flippn’ stick. So finding a great priced rod with solid features made me happy.

On your next rod purchasing trip don’t forget to check out alternative brands, they just might surprise you and your spouse might not complain as much.

Good luck out there,