Clearlake – February 7, 2016

Clearlake Fishing Report

Date February 7 2016
Water temp…..49 to 53
Air temp…..65 to 71
Water clarity….. Stained
Wind….. 5 to 10

Just A fun Day at Clearlake

Clearlake, Bass, Robo Worms

James “Big Ed” Everhart with a Clearlake 4 pounder

It was boat pick up day for me again this Saturday so my son Cole and I jumped in the truck and headed to Clearlake.

After a few other errands we launched the boat out of Lucerne around 12:30pm and headed to Kono Tayee area.

I knew the drop shot bite would be going on so that’s the bait I handed to my son. Tipped with a 4inch Roboworm in Morning Dawn.

His first cast was at the end of a dock in around eight feet of water. It landed him a 13 inch Clearlake bass.

I decided to throw the A-rig with rig walker baits. This has become a staple for me in the late winter and early spring.

I spent the first hour throwing that bait in all the depths I could find and never got a bite.

Switching to the Huddleston 68 special I finished the day altering between that and the Drop Shot.

I never did catch a swimbait fish but I did get a couple hits.

We fished the highway 20 side of the lake focusing on docks and rock piles.

The 4 inch Roboworm in MM111 and Morning Dawn were the bass catchers today as we landed 4 quality bass up to the four pounds and around twenty bass altogether.

It was a really fun day and right now the lake is fishing well so go have some fun.

There was an ABA Clearlake region Tournament there that was won with 29 pounds.  No idea what they were throwing or where but there were tons of boats staked up in the Rodman slough area.

See you on the water,

Big Ed