Berryessa – March 21, 2009

The first tournament of the season is in the books. For me it wasn’t the fairytale ending I hoped but it was a ton of fun. Getting back on tour and seeing all the guys always rekindles the competitive fire. Not winning fans the flames.

We started Friday at the north end of the lake looking for largemouth over spots started in the aquarium throwing reaction baits (rips, cranks, huds, spinner baits, etc) all to no avail. Then I picked up a dropshot and started pulling it threw the grass picked up a nice 2.5 largie. Fished the area a little longer couple more hits then went even further north nothing going on up into putah creek caught one more two pound largie on a blade. Fished around some points nothing so we headed back to the narrows to find a back up plan worked over wind blown points looking for spots under mud lines they were there.

 Started on the grass flats at the aquarium with reaction after an hour with no bites gave in to the fact the dropshot was my destiny for the day so for the next five hours I dragged a six inch margarita mutilator at a snail’s pace threw the grass. I started in about 8 feet of water and moved all the way to 18 feet best bite was in about 10. Making long fan casts around the boat then just barley moving and feeling for the bait to pull off the grass then it would just loaded up this was the most productive system. I ended my day on the flat at 1:50 at 2:00 my friends who were fishing right next to us all day got there kicker a 6lb large mouth witch ended them in 3rd place over all.

Well, I didn’t win but gave it a great shot just missing a kicker. All in all it felt great to start the season and get into a respectable position to make the classic this year. See you next tourney.