Clearlake – May 9, 2009

I began my prefish at Clearlake on the 5th of May. My friend Rick (who is a wonderful fisherman and throughout the day really taught me a thing or two – especially how to net big fish) accompanied me and we began searching for fish in the rattlesnake area no takers for about the first hour we threw huds, sencos. flipped,threw frogs and dropshoted then just across from rattlesnake by a couple docks we picked up a nice two pounder on a wacky rigged senko we fished up that way for a few more hours but no real bite so we headed towards soda bay got one bite flipping the weather all day was a true mystery one minute windy then calm then cloudy then rainy etc all day long we then ran towards nice but the wind was blowing to hard to fish so we ran back towards rattlesnake and started to fish docks in eight feet of water with drop shots this produced many fish up to around six pounds we ended the day on a great note with around 19 pounds.

On Friday before the tournament my partner, my wife and I headed out around the rattlesnake area fished up that way for around two hours with only one fish then we headed back towards soda bay to look for spawners but my boat had some issues and we had to cut the run short so we got back up around konocti bay and found a decent flip bite then found lots of bed fish caught a couple to get the size in my head of how big they looked in the water both were around two pounds then we went in for the seminars.

Clearlake this year was definitely off for Clearlake standards but still produced decent weights for those who found the fish. my fishing started on windmill point working tulle edges in the morning with swimbaits (Huddleston rof 5 and a osprey 6 inch in hitch colors) no fish then I slowed it down and flipped a sweet beaver in (California color) the isolated tulles on the edges of main tulle walls this produced one four pounder unfortunately my largest bass of the tourney after that the sun came up and I knew the fish were going to move up to spawn so we started throwing drop shots in 8 to 10 feet of water and put together a quick 13 pound limit after that we ran to soda bay and began looking for bedding bass culled up to around fifteen pounds after about another hour it was around noon at this point and the bigger fish started to move up to the ends of the docks we then culled up to are final weight of 16.36 for the tourney most bedding fish were either caught on a white tube or on a green pumpkin and orange tailed ring worm my dad gave me(thanks dad) this was deffinatley a great day on the water and we caught many many fish around forty or so hope this helps anybody going out to clearlake……… BIGED