Folsom – April 18, 2009

Started prefishing on the 14th of April of coarse it started out warm with light winds so I started throwing big reaction baits huds, wake jr’s after an hour I didn’t get any bites so we switched to smaller reaction baits rattletraps, spinnerbaits, crankbaits got only one spot on a rattletrap we had started in the south fork with not much luck so we switched to the main body and had no luck on reaction baits so we went to the north fork and started the process over big to small reaction no luck so I picked up the drop shot and got bit then around 1pm the wind got big so out of necessity I ran to the back of the marina area looking to fish bushes out of the wind what we found was around twelve pounds of largies on beds I knew this wouldn’t be enough for the win but if I could find a big kicker it would be a nice start.

Went back out on Thursday before the tourney started looking for more fish on beds found a few but no big kickers then tried to get some reaction fish but could only find one spot on a crankbait this was a nicer day not much wind but not many fish ether

Started the tourney running to the cove in the back of the marina at around 7:45 had a limit around ten pounds then the sun got on the water and the bigger fish locked on to the beds back there so we culled up to are final weight of 11.66 not exactly what I wanted but now I just needed that kicker found a three up the south that would have helped but I hooked her and she came off in front of the net could have moved up with that one then just went looking for bigger fish but never found them still had a respectable limit but I have got to find that kicker.