Delta – June 5, 2010

Most people spell delta with five letters, for me it’s become a four letter word. I started the day in a great mood; we had come down the night before a little early making sure we would be well rested and mentally focused But this morning was determined to start off on the wrong foot.

When we got to the parking lot at Russo’s the first signs that today was going to be a mentally challenging one were apparent. We tried to trim the motor up it was a no go, the trim pump had gone out with no warning. Now this was kind of remedied by the mechanic that was fishing that day we bled the hydraulics and positioned the motor so we could at least get on pad.

At this point I was a little afraid to venture to far from the dock area so we fished just out of the off limits. After a half hour with no bites I decided no risk no glory and I fired the big motor and off we went.

So with some mild glitches behind us and a slight handicap we were fishing water I felt more comfortable with. I landed the first fish on a sweet beaver under the penny wart not a keeper, I then got a frog fish, first keeper in the boat now I was feeling more confident. My partner picked up our second keeper with a senko, we made a couple runs pulled up on a deep tulle wall and landed our big fish a 5.92 on a frog and then it started. I sat down to take another run when I noticed the trim switch started to work “man things are starting to go my way” so as I pulled up to a spot that has produced some nice fish in the past I lost complete control of the throttle, shifting and starting. Yep dead in the water a good ten miles from Russo’s the delta curse had got me again.

I was able to get the shift handle to bite on the gears so we ran as far as we could on the motor before it just let loose about four miles from the ramp but hey that’s why I run optima’s and a 36 volt system so on the trolling motor I went. With three hours to go I made the cut in the wall with one minute to spare and four fish in the boat for a total of 12.72 just three pounds shy of a check or one solid delta keeper.

Every tournament I try to learn something, even if it’s just fish harder or don’t give in to pressure. I have pondered this tournament for along time and I just can’t come up with anything positive. Some may say it’s to take care of my boat better or be more prepared but if you know me all of that is moot.

I guess in the long run some bodies of water fight back and won’t accept defeat without putting up a fight but one of these days I will prevail, all the stars will align and the fish will be plenty.

At that place and time you will hear the immortal words of one of our era’s greatest fisherman come from my lips and into the delta evening, NEVER GIVE UP NEVER GIVE UP.