Golden State Bass Folsom lake (May 1)

This was the second year for my dad and Me to fish the Golden State Bass Club annual tournament at Folsom lake. The first year was an extremely windy day, (thirty plus mile per hour winds). My son and his best friend borrowed my Jon boat rigged it with a live-well, new trolling motor and tournament anglers they were.

We launched that day out of beales point.The winds were mild in the morning so the boys headed across the main body, up the north fork. Somewhere around eleven o’clock I ventured out of the south fork to explore the main lake, I noticed the big winds had arrived. Immediately I called the boys to see where they were, “the north fork”. I informed them to start back but stay close to shore, the winds are up and a Fourteen foot Jon-boat is not a big water boat. A half hour later I get the call the boat’ sinking” where are you”,the dam. I headed out, I learned they don’t know the difference between a dam and a weir. They made it back to weigh-in then the back of the boat went under, close call but it turned out to be a funny story.

This year a bit different light breeze, eighty degrees a beautiful day to fish. If only fish enjoyed it as much as we do. Dad and I started in the south fork hoping to find some bed fish that didn’t workout, we fished several good areas in the south fork to no avail. We left the south arm ventured to the marina it was overrun with boats, off to the main body no fish there. I decided to try an area that I had seen big fish in during my last tournament. Within twenty minutes I had caught two fish both small, were on the board though. I looked down at the hummingbird saw a large line on the screen, I lowered my drop-shot down two shakes and up came a four pounder. We continued through the area watching the screen for more fish, several times finding them just not getting them to bite. I was starting to think the bite was turning off, two casts later another big fish loads up on my Roboworms red crawler. She comes to the surface shakes her head the Gamagatsu hook was securely in place. The next forty five minutes I toiled with thoughts of running too other areas but my partner held steadfast insisting we stay there and catch the fish we found. The consistent wind blowing onto the mud bank at the mouth of our pocket had created a mud line. On a sunny day with clear water a mud line creates a canopy that attracts fish. I picked up my Norman DD 22 retrieved it through the mud line a dozen or so times no takers. I slowly worked my way to the mud line upon arrival I viewed two fish on the hummingbird. Drop shot to the ready,seconds later a three pounder was in the box.

A lot of times ones fishing day is defined by the fish that got away, not today not for me. My day was defined by perfect execution, I owe this success in part to my partner for allowing me to get out of my own way. He didn’t allow me to give up on my area we both new the fish were there but I couldn’t get it through my head that the big ones were going to bite. His urging to stay and try to catch these fish is by far the reason I stayed. In the end his voice of reason was the largest contributing factor to finishing so well. Yes I caught all the fish, if i had left the area prematurely though I might not have caught one.

Never let the voices in your head fade away, they can be annoying sometimes and not always right but if just once they steer you down the right road it makes them worth listening to. Thanks Dad.

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