Fall fishing at Scotts Flat Lake October 2018

Water temp….62

Air temp….56-80

Water Clarity….Crystal clear

Clear sky’s

Wind…. 1-3 mph


It’s just another beautiful Northern California fall day 56 degree morning and a 80 degree afternoon. Just a breath of air on the water, enough to make it cold on your wet hands. Soon the breeze dies and the water goes flat and Scotts Flat’s crystal clear water shows off its beauty with 20 feet of visibility.

Scotts Flat diverse fish

Smallmouth and Largemouth on Scotts

I’m taking a long time friend out fishing, he hasn’t been on the water in close to a year maybe more. It’s all about fun and getting on the water, let’s catch some fish anyways.

To the Scotts Flat Report

Started by running up the river and throwing topwater baits. I threw the Whopper Plopper and he was throwing the Rover both River2Sea Baits.

I’m not going to lie I only lasted a short time up in the cold air of the river. We ran back down to the main points of the Scotts Flat and the sun. Right off the bat we graphed some schools of bait and fish, they were in the 28 to 34 foot level which really shot holes in my topwater hopes.

I had tied on a Strike king Coffee Tube (Amber-Copper-Green Flake) and a Zoom Trick Worm (Cotton Candy) started dragging them slowly through the area and my partner sets the hook on a nice 2.84 smallmouth bass. A few minutes later I hook up with another smallmouth but it comes off, after another thirty minutes of dragging the bottom we decided to run to the dam.

I picked up the Whopper Plopper made a couple casts and the water explodes I land a nice 3.24 largemouth. At that point we decided if we are going to catch fish it might as well be throwing topwater.

We made a move to the quarry area, both throwing Whopper Ploppers but no hook ups.

We were getting off the water in about an hour so we ran to the river for one more try. Fished the incoming water of Deer creek with no luck then just worked our way down river fishing the steep walls finally as we got near some wood structure two more blow ups on the Whopper Plopper, unfortunately both fished missed. It was time to get off the water so we left the fish for another day.

It wasn’t a serious fishing day but it was a lot of fun, as spending time with a good friend always is.


See ya on the water!

James “Big Ed” Everhart




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