Scotts Flat Lake Report

Scotts Flat Report

By James “Big Ed” Everhart

Water Temp…..59-60

Air Temp…..61-64

Water Clarity….. Clear

Wind…..5 to 10 mph and gusty

Alright the warmer weather has finally got the Smallmouth in Scotts Flat thinking about spawning. I was finally able to get out on the water this past weekend, it wasn’t as long as I wanted but with my recent injury the four hours I got was plenty. The wife, dogs and myself decided to hit the lake around 2pm on Saturday. We Launched from the highway 20 side and ran to the Cascade shores area. I started out throwing a River2Sea S-Waver first cast I had 4 big fish all in the 4 to 5 pound range follow the bait all the way back to the boat. I immediately picked up my tube and cast it in their direction, unfortunately I didn’t hook up with any of them. I continued fishing the S-Waver and kept getting followers but not one hook up. I decided to switch up to a River2sea rig walker this is a smaller bait but still a swim-bait, second cast I hooked up with a small bass around 1.5 pounds. I continued down the bank concentrating on water that was 0 to 15 feet deep, got two more hits but no hook ups. I decided to run towards the Quarry area and look in the backs of the pockets for beds, found a couple but no fish on them. The way the weather had been recently I figured this might happen move up to spawn then pull off. kept working the shallow areas looking for spawners or big girls moving up to spawn. I switched over to a wacky rig Senko in Green Pumpkin on a Double Wacky Hook, first cast I picked up another small fish then every other cast for about twenty casts I caught bucks. So, now I figured out a bait they would eat now I just needed t

Scotts Flat

Three pound smallmouth

o find the bigger fish and get them to eat. I decided to move into the mouth of the river, as soon as I did I found a couple nice fish. Both ended up being in the three pound range they were in 8ft of water near some wood they may have been on beds but if they were I couldn’t see them if they were. Around now my body was starting to give up on me so it was time to leave. The bigger fish are moving shallow but with the unsettled weather they just weren’t quite there yet. If you’re heading up to Scotts Flat look shallow and be aggressive you can get into some really nice smallmouth.

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