Topwater Delta Fishing in summer.

Weather Conditions (Perfect for Topwater)

Skys: clear

Wind: slight breeze

Water temp: 75

Air temp: 91

Love the Topwater

Got the invite to go out with Chris Perez this past Friday. Of course I took the invite, gladly it had been awhile since I had fished. This time of year the topwater bite can be great.

We hit the water at first light and headed east out of B&W resort. on the second cast of the day I landed a keeper bass. I was using a River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper. We focused on topwater for most of the day.

Chris was throwing a Chatterbait down the outside grass line in current areas. He was consistently catching fish but most were small. I stuck with the Plopper, frog and the IMA finesse popper. All were producing steadily. The Plopper seemed to get the attention of the biggest fish. The frog bite turned off early, somewhere around 10am.

Where to Target

Targeting the secondary grass line that was either slightly under water or just cresting was the best producer. Rock walls with current definitely outshined the islands or dirt banks. Bends in the levy were high percentage spots as well.

While focusing on Topwater we still brought the punch rods. When we found choice water hyacinth or think clumps of hydrilla we punched it. The results were mostly small fish. Both of us were using Missile Baits D-bombs. The fish we did catch were hitting the bait on the first or second hop off the bottom.

Tide was a bit of a factor but not a decisive one. We caught fish at slack tide and moving water. Moving water did turn the Chatterbait bite on but if the water was slack you could get bit on the swim jig.

All and all it was a fun day with a lot of action consistently. The Delta is not on fire right now but it sure is worth fishing.

See you on the water